JOIN US – we want the best teachers ….

JOIN US - we want the best teachers, and we know we have to pay above the going rates to achieve this, keep reading.....

We are an independent language school run for teachers by teachers. We are not a franchise and so try to maximise the earnings for teachers, rather than for owners or franchise holders.

We want to increase the professional standing of language teachers. Too many language schools try to keep the salaries of teachers as low as possible, leading to lower motivation for teachers which then leads to a lower quality of lesson preparation and delivery.

We would be especially keen to hear from teachers with interests in

  • Legal English
  • Business English
  • CLIL courses for primary schools

ENGLISH TRAINING recruits people from all over the world – we currently have teachers from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, the Caribbean, South Africa and of course England.

If you are interested in working with us please get in touch: