Budapest Legal 2015

Budapest, 17 APRILE 2015


Budapest Legal 2015

English Training organized a Budapest Legal course in April 2015



This first edition of Budapest Legal was organized by English Training S.a.s. of Lissone, Italy in conjunction with András Petz, Legal English Instructor, secretary of EULETA, at the central office of ANGLOFON CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE. The course offered the opportunity to gain an insight into both the Hungarian juridical system and a window to Eastern Europe, concentrating on the differences between civil and common law systems.

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Thursday April 16th we arrived in Budapest on a sunny spring day (the temperature reached 32°) and after lunch in the ex-Jewish ghetto area of the city we had a guided tour in English of the very impressive parliament building. It is the third biggest in Europe and we learnt that only last year the number of members of Parliament was roughly halved to 199.



On Friday morning the first session was given by Adam von Diószegy, an American lawyer who has been teaching legal English in Hungary for 10 years. He explained in detail the differences between Civil law in an Eastern European context, specifically in Hungary, and the common law. He referred how the systems vary from both a substantive and procedural viewpoint.

We then visited a court in Budapest. We discovered that Hungary has 4 levels of justice. We also witnessed an appeal case where the judge was young, highly professional and kind enough to allow us to enter his court and even provide a brief summary of the case to us in English – would this have happened to Hungarian lawyers visiting Italy?

Friday afternoon: András Petz took the group though the most technical part of the course looking at the following areas in detail

1. The concept of contracts under civil and common law, various concepts related to contracts: unilateral-bilateral, existence, effectiveness, validity and enforceability
2. Contract types and contracting parties. Relationships between the parties under various legal systems.
3. Contracts for sale: Governing law and jurisdiction. Issues to be scrutinized in a specific contract: representation and warranty, collateral, IP rights and indemnification.

Friday evening: Dinner in a traditional Hungarian restaurant with András Petz. Great food, great wine and we now know what Gulyás really is

Budapest Legal 2015: guided tour of both Pest and Buda

Budapest Legal 2015: guided tour of both Pest and Buda


Saturday Morning: a five-hour guided tour of both Pest and Buda: Our guide gave us a comprehensive tour taking us to all the main sights both sides of the Danube and explaining in great detail how the history, geography and architecture have contributed to the current political, religious and cultural landscape of both the city and the country.



Here below is some feedback:

Dott. Cristina Nava, Como

I returned from Budapest so happy and excited thanks to the organization of the whole trip.
The Legal English Course was of a high standard and it was interesting to visit the city, beautiful and very well maintained.
Nice mixed group of lawyers and chartered accountants!!!
Thanks Mark Brophy!

Avv. Maria Grazia Pala, Como

In Budapest, you are surrounded by history on every corner; with the old churches, the astonishing squares and the fascinating avenues is amazing even for Italians, who are used to such beauty and charm.
Hungarian people are so friendly and warm.
Our legal trip a Civil Law world too was both interesting and instructive, especially in comparison with the Common Law one, partly thanks to our teachers and their enthusiasm.
A completely rewarding experience.

Avv. Alessandra Iurlaro Monza

"This trip has been an interesting legal English course concerning contracts, torts, and the difference between common law and civil law. The teachers were very professional and competent. The organization of this has been impeccable. We also visited a local Court and a very kind judge invited us to be present at the hearing.
The city tour was conducted with knowledge and professionalism. The city of Budapest was able to offer everything: beautiful architecture, great human warmth, good food.
An experience to recommend".

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