Business English in London: 2015

Business English in London: 2015


London 20 Marzo 2015

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The second edition of Business English in London was organized by English Training (Lissone, Italy) in conjunction with LexeFiscal (Mayfair, London) and was attended by 9 Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili from Monza e Brianza and Naples and one professor from Castellanza University.


The seminars (09.00 – 17.00) were held at the exclusive members-only Lansdowne club in Mayfair, one of the most prestigious areas of London.

All of the course was conducted exclusively in English. Even though the subject matter was very technical and detailed all attendees managed to interact and participate in English.




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Morning Session

Part 1

Introduction to Corporation Tax in the UK

Corporation Tax Overview


Capital Allowances

Losses Subsidiaries

Choice of Year End

Tax Returns


Registering with Tax Authorities

Events (Annual /Quarterly /Monthly Events) Value Added Tax

Taxable Persons and Supplies Tax Rates


Money Laundering Regulations



Part 2


Introduction to Company Formation in the UK

Before Starting Up

Selecting a Legal Entity for your Business

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Company


Afternoon Session


Part 1

Case Studies

Case study of Italian company decision to set up tax efficient structure. Discussion points:

  • Associated companies or Group structure?
  • Qualified share ownership
  • Involvement of UK director
  • What is income?
  • Capital gains tax and dividend tax
  • Creation of a trust – in UK and Italy
  • Who is the settlor?
  • Trustees and beneficiaries
  • Taxation impacts upon Italian citizen of UK trust




Part 2

Questions and Answers

Open Session


Business English in London 2015: pub meal

Business English in London 2015: pub meal


Pub meal

No trip to England can be complete without a real pub meal. We met up in the evening at the Salisbury pub, one of the best traditional pubs in central London, near Leicester Square




Business English in London 2015: run in Hyde Park

Business English in London 2015: run in Hyde Park



Early morning run in Hyde Park for the very fit members of the group




Business English in London 2015: guided tour of The City

Business English in London 2015: guided tour of The City


Guided tour of The City on Saturday morning with our guide Anne. She explained the history of the financial district of London; how it grew to the financial powerhouse it is today and how it intends to keep on growing.




Here below is some feedback from participants:


Giorgio Catania

“How I can say thanks, thanks and thanks again to English Training for this unique opportunity.

Friday was a very interesting exchange of opinions. After a good overview of tax and legal system for companies and individuals in England, a real brain storming about legal entity over Europe took place with the speakers.

Friday night we had an amazing dinner and funny time at a historical and typical London pub like a group of old friends we had chance to enjoy ourselves even though talking in English was made mandatory by Mark 😉

Saturday morning after a running session inside the mythical Hyde Park (very close to our hotel) we had an interesting walking tour in the financial district of London “the City” led by a very stimulating and well prepared guide.

Thanks again to all, hoping to have the opportunity to repeat.”


Federico Ratti

"Do you know how to set up a Company in UK? Now I know.

Do you know why Banks started using trademarks? Now I know.

Do you know what a Turf Accountant does? Now I know.

Maybe you could easily answer those question with google, but that’s the difference between being a good and a bad consultant."


Laura Gerosa

“The ultimate Business Course with English Training: the best learning experience on a professional level and a chance of personal growth, as well. Thanks to Mark, I also feel to have a better understanding of English customs and traditions, something that I will never find in touristic guides ….. warmly recommended!”

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