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Doing Business in UK 1 - Held in Monza June 2016


Since 2012 English Training has been running seminars in major European cities for lawyers and tax consultants from Como, Lecco, Monza and Milano. With even one attendee from Frankfurt!

The courses meet professional continuous training requirements and have been approved by either C.N.F. (for lawyers) or via ODCEC Monza Brianza (tax consultants and accountants).




NEW YORK October 3 - 8 2018

4 full days in New York - for consultants interested in helping their clients do business in the USA. .





NY Program  Commercialisti and other professionals 3 - 8 October 2018 13







London OLD and NEW 2018 English Training Students 12 - 14 April 2018  
Business English in London 3 2016 Commercialisti & Lawyers  November 18th 2016  6 credits
Doing Business in UK  1 2016 Commercialisti and other professionals  16 June 2016  Invitation only
Brussels Legal 2016 Avvocati  March 2016 4 - awarded by C.N.F.
Budapest Legal 2015 Avvocati April 2015 2 - awarded by C.N.F.
Business English in London 2 2015 ODCEC: Commercialisti March  2015 6 - awarded by ODCEC Monza
Business English in Amsterdam 2014 ODCEC: Commercialisti October 2014 6 - awarded by ODCEC Monza
London Legal 2 2013 Avvocati April 2014 6 - awarded by C.N.F.
Business English in London 1 2013 ODCEC: Commercialisti November 2013 6 - awarded by ODCEC Monza
London Legal 1 2012 Avvocati April 2013 6 - awarded by C.N.F.



English Training organizza sia il seminario che il viaggio (non compreso nel costo del seminario) tramite il suo partner Asteria Viaggi di Lissone.

A differenza di altri che organizzano eventi simile noi abbiamo un approccio olistico. Vi accompagniamo dall'aeroporto, alloggiamo nello stesso albergo, mangiamo insieme e facciamo un'attività culturale sempre in tema per facilitare l’uso della lingua inglese in ogni situazione: non solo in aula.

Qui sotto feedback di persone che sono venuti con noi.


Dott. Pietro Izzo -

“The Beautiful city, beautiful weather, beautiful people: this was the seminar organized in Amsterdam this year by Mark Brophy for Odcec of Monza and Brianza. The Dutch colleague Wiebe de Vires, young and well prepared, gave us the idea of Holland's tax system, which is not so far away from the Italian one. The tour of the city was pleasant and relaxing. A very nice three-day experience!".


“Great venue, great location. The speaker – Mr.Wiebe de Vries - has been outstanding. He provided us with a perspective of the EU company laws added with some Dutch flavor; overall, an inside view of the technicalities of the Dutch company legislation and tax system, the incorporation of a BV and its governance.

The opportunity of sharing the experience with other colleagues visiting at the same time a wonderful city like Amsterdam has been unique and quite pleasant. The tour of Amsterdam we had with our guide Jan provided us with some hidden notes upon the city present and past lifestyle and better explained the reasons of its trading fortunes and the Dutch approach to business"

Marco Percudani -

"Very interesting seminar, with a Dutch tax consultant who, in an easy and professional way, gave us the main information about Dutch corporate tax.

The hotel location was perfect to visit and enjoy the centre of Amsterdam and everything was perfectly organised by English Training."

Avv. Cristina Venco, Como -

"The London Legal course was a unique life experience: firstly because some places we visited, like Middle Temple Hall where we had lunch, are not open to the public, but also as I firmly believe that as a tourist no one could understand the importance of all the locations without a guide like Alan Jones and his comprehensive explanations."

Avv. Silvio De Stefano, Monza -

"Attending a hearing in the Royal Court of Justice gave me an insight into a criminal trial under the common-law system. I’ll never forget the judge, his respectful behaviour towards the parties and their points of view, his attention to the case with specific questions to the barristers in order to get complete comprehension, his wise, clear and plainly explained decision. Everything conveyed an atmosphere of holiness and justice.

I would recommend “London Legal” to other lawyers, but I would give them a warning: try to forget everything before coming back to Italy!"

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