Why work for English Training

Are you a teacher working in the Monza Brianza area looking for a more teacher-friendly school?

If so, keep reading.

Let’s tell you what we are not first

  • We are not a franchise
  • We are not set up to compete on price – which inevitably means teachers are treated as resources
  • We are not run by managers/owners looking to maximise profit

So what are we?

  • Teacher-centric. Set up by a teacher, run by teachers and with the driving aim of being a dynamic and interesting place to work
  • A team of over 20 people from all over the world – with far more international representation than other schools in the area
  • Dedicated to constantly improving and offering quality services in everything we do: we aim to help people learn English. Not simply sell them courses
  • Innovative: We have been using technology and modern methods of teaching for years – during the CoVid lockdown the move to online teaching was relatively straightforward for us
  • Teacherfriendly: We aim to pay above the going rate and help our teachers grow professionally by fostering teamwork and offering training and support


Dove siamo a

Dove siamo a

Key areas of interest

We are always on the lookout for quality teachers in the Monza Brianza area – especially with one or more of the following specialities

  • CLIL
  • Legal English
  • Business English
  • Cambridge preparation courses

Please get in touch and send a CV to info@english-training.it