Why work for English Training

Are you a teacher working in the Monza Brianza area looking for a more teacher-friendly school?

If so, keep reading.

Let’s tell you what we are not first

  • We are not a franchise
  • We are not set up to compete on price – which inevitably means teachers are treated as resources
  • We are not run by managers/owners looking to maximise profit

So what are we?

  • Teacher-centric. Set up by a teacher, run by teachers and with the driving aim of being a dynamic and interesting place to work
  • A team of over 20 people from all over the world – with far more international representation than other schools in the area
  • Dedicated to constantly improving and offering quality services in everything we do: we aim to help people learn English. Not simply sell them courses
  • Innovative: We have been using technology and modern methods of teaching for years – during the CoVid lockdown the move to online teaching was relatively straightforward for us
  • Teacherfriendly: We aim to pay above the going rate and help our teachers grow professionally by fostering teamwork and offering training and support


Dove siamo?

Dove siamo?

Key areas of interest

We are always on the lookout for quality teachers in the Monza Brianza area – especially with one or more of the following specialities

  • CLIL
  • Legal English
  • Business English
  • Cambridge preparation courses

Please get in touch and send a CV to info@english-training.it